Upcoming Program on Intermarriage by Dawn Kepler, New Lehrhaus Board Member

Nu, what do you think about Intermarriage?

Image by Marvin Steindler (marvinsteindler.com)

On January 19th Professor Bruce Phillips (Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, and USC: https://crcc.usc.edu/people/bruce-phillips/) will present: How Interfaith Marriage is Changing the American Jewish Community – But Not Necessarily in the Ways We Think/Fear. This is a topic that every Jew,  should find intriguing and important, not just those who have married non-Jews.

Prof. Phillips, or as I know him – Bruce – will do some myth-busting about the commonplace tropes on intermarriage. He will also share some of the data we have collected together about adults who grew up with one Jewish and one non-Jewish parent. How do I know this? Read on!

In the 1990’s I was unable to attend a lecture at Stanford given by Dr. Bruce Phillips. I contacted the university and was delighted to learn that the lecture had been taped. They sent me a cassette tape – yes, it was that long ago! Listening to Bruce’s talk I immediately knew I had found a kindred spirit. Bruce is truly interested in studying the data about interfaith families and challenging our assumptions about it.

A friend refers to his talk as “a box of candy:” filled with nuggets of data that delight us.

Register for the program on our “Learn with Us” page: https://newlehrhaus.org/learn-with-us/

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